The National Press offers the most complete and varied services in the area of graphic arts with high technology.


It is the first step in the process of publishing, our designers made sketches of what you want to get and work starts once it is approved by the client.


Fingering, layout and proofreading
By having the most advanced computer equipment, the National Press is able to receive, for the development of works, original resources and materials for gathering text or any magnetic storage media (floppy disks, tape backup, optical disks, etc.). For the layout of final artwork, the most current graphics software packages are used, and all work finally is thoroughly checked by our group correction prior to final printing.
Speed and ductility of computers and other equipment for design allow major adjustments to works in process in this area, without causing major delay

National Press has a sophisticated equipment for electronic imposing works that can get mounts directly to film or plate with perfect color selections, ensuring an overall record of them to get a printout with the highest quality.


For printing works, we have modern flat machines of different production capacity, allowing us to handle deliveries in reasonable times and adjust volumes of each job to the appropriate machine, optimizing time of production, consumption materials, etc. The National Press of Colombia concerned about environment conservation is committed to a policy of recycling their waste.

Our range of flat machines ranging from small single color or two-color medium-format, to the machines that print four colors at high speeds.
For larger works, we have modern printing presses that allow us to streamline and reduce production costs.

At the finish line, we can offer different kinds of plasticized: heat, cold, matte and lacquered, embossed, stamped, etc., i.e. everything that allows further highlight the design of each work.

This latter process includes raised sheets, collating, stitching, gluing, trimming, etc., accompanied all of a strict quality control.
Aware of high demand for works with minimum time for completion, we also have modern machinery, given their automation, streamlining various processes at this stage