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The following were functions of the National Press of Colombia:


  1. Manage, edit, print, publicize and market the Official Journal in accordance with statutory provisions.
  2. Manage, edit, print, publicize and market the Unified Procurement Journal, publishing contracts in accordance with the statutory provisions.
  3. Use technology more suitable for divulgation, communication and marketing services that were contracted.
  4. Edit and publish the Gazette of Congress, the Judicial Gazette, the Constitutional Gazette, the Annals of the State Council and other publications of the Judicial Branch.
  5. Develop with quality, efficiency and profitability the contracted work by clients.
  6. Edit, print and market forms and publications that are contracted.
  7. Organize and manage the archive documents, newspapers, journals, newsletters, brochures and other publications produced by the National Press of Colombia for its consultation and information; this function can be provided directly or through third parties.
  8. Collaborate with the National Government in relation to the dissemination of official acts and documents.
  9. Collaborate with the Ministry of Justice and Law in the implementation of policies and plans that will develop under established sectoral programs.
  10. The others indicated by law and statutes.