Document Procedures to Third

Authorization to Contract with Third Parties

1. What is it?

This procedure considers inherent activities to work authorizations to third parties, caused by time or best deals on price and/or technical specifications provided by the client. This is in accordance with Article 5 of Act 109 of 1994 and Agreement No. 07 of 1995.

2. Steps to follow

1. File an application for authorization to contract with third parties, which must be accompanied by the most favorable quotation on equal terms with the Press.

2. Request reply, in the Commercial Submanagement of National Press of Colombia located at Carrera 66 No. 24 -09, Barrio Ciudad Salitre, or by email: or phone: (571) 4578000 Ext 2701.

3. Requirements

Client requests authorization to contract with third parties, once it is confirmed that National Press of Colombia technique is unable to comply with the requirements requested.

4. Documents Required

Individual Person or company

Applicant must attach:

- Quote of the third party with which it proves to be the most favorable for the client on an equal footing.

5. Required Payments


6. Remember:

You can follow this procedure:

Physically in:

Carrera 66 No. 24 -09 Barrio Ciudad Salitre

By phone

4578000 Ext 2701

It is aimed at:

Private Companies

Public Enterprises

Older Colombians

Adult aliens Citizens

7. Regulations

Act 109/1994

Agreement 07/1995